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The collection is a love letter to women and to families, colleagues and friends. We went to Wales and were inspired by the warmth of its artistic and poetic heritage, by its folklore and the soul of its craft. The woman is courageous, grounded, bold: heroic. There is a sense of protection in the clothes, of safety and comfort, evoked through quilting and blankets. The hearts are a symbol of togetherness, of being there for others. – Sarah Burton, Creative Director 


welsh inspirations
powerful romance

dégradé treatments –> strength and fragility

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GRIGI E COLORI FREDDI LA donna guerriera, strident red : protection, healing, and power
red is the color of the national costume, used in the famed Welsh blankets and on the facades of buildings

MOOD COLLECTION (from left to right):

1. Wrexham Tailor’s Quilt – 
St. Fagans National History Museum: recycled scraps of woolen cloths he had used to craft the uniforms he made by day.

2. Red welsh facades buildings

3. National customes

4. Welsh love spoons –

5. Deliverance 2004

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