Alexander McQueen FW 20/21

Welsh Folklore and heritage. For Fall/Winter 20-21 Alexander McQueen takes inspiration from the past.

The collection is a love letter to women and to families, colleagues and friends. We went to Wales and were inspired by the warmth of its artistic and poetic heritage, by its folklore and the soul of its craft. The woman is courageous, grounded, bold: heroic. There is a sense of protection in the clothes, of safety and comfort, evoked through quilting and blankets. The hearts are a symbol of togetherness, of being there for others. – Sarah Burton, Creative Director


This Fall/Winter 20-21 Alexander McQueen starts its creative journey from Welsh traditions: from quilt inspirations and textiles treatments, to traditional colors and fabrics and some iconic elements of the national custome.

Sarah Burton rielaborates the ancient with a modern twist. The result is a collection in which sharp tailoring and soft blanket dresses and coats cohexit.

dualism between strength and fragility that she perfectly translates


The collection is a celebration of the feminine beauty.
Sharp tailoring and leather mix up with pink voile and and sweetheart shapes. It comes out a brave and heroic woman, a modern warrior that reveals a sort of romance and tenderness. Besides her strenght McQueen’s woman reveal a sort of romance and sense of protection and sense of community.

key items of the season:


inspirations of the season:

1. Wrexham Tailor’s Quilt (St. Fagans National History Museum) – One of the main inspirations that Sarah Burton discovered during her visit to Wales. A Quilt made by James Williams, a military tailor who recycled scraps of woolen cloths he had used to craft the uniforms he made by day.

2. The Red House – St. Fagans Museum – Also known as Kennixton Farmhouse XXXX. Red is a dominant color in Welsh tradition, power and protection

3. Welsh traditional shawls – Burton’s inspirations include traditional shawls in which Welsh men used to wrap their children. A symbol of protection, caring and kindness as Sarah Burton herlself says. 

4. Welsh love spoons – Love spoons were a traditional welsh gift with a romantic purpose. They were carved from wood and shaped with motifs of love and eternity. 

5. Deliverance 2004 – Reference to patchwork technique already used from Lee McQueen himself in the dance marathon “Deliverance” (SS 2004)

Runway photos credits: Vogue Runway

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