LATO.V angency

The agency.

Founded by Valentina and Veronica Di Cesare, two Italian sisters born and based in Milan, LATO.V is a transformative agency committed to collaborate with growing brands and help them elevate their brand story through inspiring visions and concrete strategies.

Though deeply rooted in the Fashion industry, the agency focuses on a wide range of fields combining trends, tools and creativity with an unexpected touch to help brands stay relevant.
LATO.V set out to inject new concepts, shapes and colours always pushing the boundaries of what already exists with a transformative impact.

Valentina Di Cesare-LATO.V Brand Director

An observer with a storyteller heart.

With a marketing and communication education, Valentina has a solid background in the media industry managing activities such as events, PR and communication strategies always with an omnichannel and digital approach.
With a truly passion for storytelling, Valentina is always in search of news and trends to re-elaborate concepts and create brand stories to engage audiences and inspire people.

Veronica Di Cesare - Creative Director LATO.V

An explorer with a creative mind.

After Fashion and Tailoring studies in prestigious academies in Milan, Veronica worked abroad for luxury fashion companies (mainly Asia-pacific and Europe) developing a vertically extensive experience with a deep focus on trends and fabrics research and product development.
Veronica loves observing everything that surrounds her to transform every element into new creative ideas.

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